Sabtu, 19 September 2015

HANDYCRAFT- Kre AB umkm Tangsel

HANDYCRAFT- Kre AB, is a abbreviation of Children of The Nation (Indonesia) Creative which is serving creative design, beautiful, interesting and unique to add to the beauty of your living house include: Lamp Corner Room, Lampshade Hanging Living Room Family Room or Office, Food Cover with a variety of sizes, Aqua Gallon Cover, Beverage Glass Basket with various sizes, Jars for a snack, Unique Cosmetics Basket, Tissue various forms of small, medium and large, Gloves bottle of mineral water, Cover and Tray Glassware and other equipment. We accept orders according to shades of color to your room with a dish that is always different designs and attractive

Lamp Corner Room ( Lampu Pojok Ruangan )
Lampshade Hanging Living Room Family Room/Office
( Kap Lampu Gantung Ruang Tamu/Kantor)
Food Cover ( Tudung Saji )
Aqua Gallon  Cover ( Tutup Aqua Galon )
Beverage Glass Basket ( Keranjang Minuman Gelas )
Jars for snack ( Toples makan ringan )
Unique Cosmetics Basket ( Keranjang Kosmetik Unik )
Tissue ( Tempat Tissue )
Gloves bottle of mineral water ( Sarung Botol Air Mineral )
Cover and Tray Glassware ( Tatakan dan Tutup Gelas )

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