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Tangsel Global Innovation Forum

World Economic Forum (WEF) reported that there is an innovation gap between developing and developed countries. Transfer of technology, exchange information, and strengthen capacity of innovation are the best way to overcome that gap. Innovation must give added value to potential resources in a country in order to increase the quality of life, by fulfilling their needs in the areas of food, energy, and health. Moreover innovation must be able to ensure continuity in the management of natural resources and reduce the negative impacts of development. Besides, innovation should based on local wisdom and culture in the society. Therefore innovation must be able to guarantee sustainable development and beneficial to society.

Because Republic of Indonesia particularly Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education and South Tangerang City, UNESCO, and WTA concern about innovation for development and civil society, therefore together to held “Tangerang Selatan Global Innovation Forum 2016 : Innovation For Sustainable Development”. This forum will be important especially for developing country to know more about innovation in global context. Moreover, this forum as a “bridge” between developed and developing countries in order to achieve global economic, fair, competitive, and wise to use each natural resources so t the impact may not be affected by another countries. Therefore, cooperation among countries is very important, especially in innovation for sustainable development. Furthermore , the forum is to support human welfare by using the potential resources in each country efficiently and competitively.

The forum will host comprehensive discussions at 3 plenary sessions. “STP policies: Academia-Industry-Government collaborations context” (Plenary Session 1)’ will focus on triple helix collaboration to develop STP. “Entrepreneurship development: SMEs’ context” (Plenary Session 2)’ will discuss on developing and promoting SME based on innovation. “Innovation clusters & sustainable development: Innovation clusters’ context” (Plenary Session 3)’ will look at the role of innovation cluster as an important tool to support commercialization of innovation.

In addition to the aforementioned plenary sessions, the forum will host 2 thematic special sessions on “Smart city development” and “Creative economy (Green business)”. “Smart city devopment” session will introduce a success story on the city that had been implemented smart city concept. “Creative economy (Green business” will discuss about contribution creative economy to the economic growth particularly in developing countries.

With the arrangement of coordinated and responsive discussions in the plenary sessions and the thematic special sessions, we hope the Forum to be more than just a presentation or discussion about theoretical opinions, and we expect it to be a benefit forum to improve innovation capacity and making contribution to the society.

Keynote Speech “Innovation for Sustainable Development” 

1. Prof. Deog-Seong Oh- President of Chungnam National University, Republic of Korea
ŸFormer Secretary General of World Technopolis Association.  ŸMember of the UNESCO High Panel on Science for Development (HPSD)
Theme of Presentation :
“Role Of University To Support Regional Innovation : Case Study Chungnam National University”

2. Prof. Dr. Ir. Herry Suhardyanto.- President of Bogor Agriculture University (IPB)
Theme of Presentation :
“Innovation Based on Role of University To Increase Competitiveness”

3. Prof. Richard A. Levao. - Ÿ President of Bloomfield University, USA

Keywords: Innovation, Sustainable Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation Cluster, Smart City, Creative Economy, Partnership, Local Wisdom.
source: http://www.tangselgif.org/

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